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Advantages to having a Roller Shutter.

We know that the safety of your merchandise, stock and equipment is essential to any business, any loss or damage could cause you to shut up shop for the short term and in the worst case, cease trading.

In 2015, 4.7 Million UK businesses in the Retail and Wholesale industry fell victim to Crime according to a recent report for the Home Office (Crime against businesses: findings from the 2015 Commercial Victimisation Survey - 28th April 2016). Out of the 4.7 Million Businesses, 50,000 was Burglary (inc Attempts), 91,000 was Vandalism and a shocking 123,000 businesses was affected by robbery or attempted robbery.

Roller Shutters are metal devices designed to cover windows and doors to protect them from vandalism (such as window or door damage) and break ins.

Made from either Aluminium or Steel, most burglars would be put off trying to break in because they are aware of the difficulties of opening them.

Rollers shutters are also excellent for keeping the wind and rain away and prolonging the lifespan of the windows and doors.

Liverpool Roller Shutters are the leading specialist roller shutter repair company across Merseyside and Greater Manchester area.

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